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Attention: Users or visitors to access the site or use our services to the person concerned must be at least 18 years old. The people who want to continue visiting or joining the site allow the fact that they understand and leave portions terms on our website.

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Welcome to our website.

If you continue to browse and use this site, you agree to abide by and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern mylove4you.club relationship with you in relation to this site. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our site.

Mylove4you.club is a dating site that supports new friends, new relationships that lead to a quick and simple chat dialogue. They offer us the opportunity to make life more beautiful to beautiful people.

We are a bridge between people who need to interact with other people!

How do I become a member?

Registration is required to become a member with which it warrants to provide accurate personal information, up to date and true. In order to use our service, we will keep and update the Registration Data in a timely manner to keep them updated, complete and truthful. If you provide false, inaccurate or incomplete information, or if mylove4you.club determines, at its discretion, that the information is false, incomplete, out of date and inaccurate, www.mylove4you.club has the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, the account in question and prevent any further use of the Service.

the use of all our service

This site is for personal use and for individual members and visitors and can not be used for commercial purposes or projects and / or advertising. Companies can not become members of www.mylove4you.club it is not necessary to use the Service for any purpose included, for example, sending e-mails requesting to send messages in the chat. Any unauthorized use will be investigated and prosecuted; The civil and criminal injunctions and the suspension of the user status will be included, without limitation.

We reserve the right to modify and / or delete all posts, comments, photos, videos, profiles and any other material ("Content") that, in accordance with our terms of judgment violates the terms of use, contains indecent, obscene, offensive, racist, violent, or that may violate the rights and laws, as well as endanger the safety of other users.

The user is responsible for the content he decides to publish or view on www.mylove4you.club or to pass on to other users. Inclusion of content in any area accessible to the public service, grants www.mylove4you.club automatically guarantees that you have the right to grant www.mylove4you.club a non-exclusive license, universally valid and freely transferable irrevocable, perpetual right to use the contents provided. www.mylove4you.club the right to use Content taken from profiles, including user names, photos and videos, to be reported to them in promotions.

www.mylove4you.club can not guarantee the authenticity, lawfulness and correctness of information published by users on the site. Although we reserve the right to delete or remove content deemed to be offensive by the service or by other members, www.mylove4you.club can not guarantee that all offensive and vulgar material is deleted. We have the right to investigate a user and to revoke the status if the same user abuses the service, or behaved in a manner that we deem inappropriate, disrespectful or illegal. By using this service the user accepts that some states profiles, messages and communication can not be genuine and that the service was intended only for entertainment

It is not allowed to impersonate another person or entity, publish in your profile or personal data such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, home address, instant messaging data (ICQ, Skype number or name, etc.). ), URLs of websites, etc. that allow contact with the outside of www.mylove4you.club . All personal information of this nature will be removed immediately.

The user has no right to ask others for their personal data or to send chain e-mails or spam. For the protection and preservation of our shareholders against this type of action, we reserve the right to limit to a number that we believe the appropriate and reasonable amount of e-mail that a member can send to other users, within 24 hours.

The user has no right to harass or annoy other shareholders and must absolutely stop contacting members who have asked to leave them alone.

Each user has the ability to block any other user by selecting the appropriate option on their profile. blocked members will not be able to get in touch with user data, as the user will no longer be able to contact users who have blocked.

For further contact on www.mylove4you.club the free personal messaging service: this option makes sure that your profile gets the maximum visibility because your ideal partners will be contacted with the messages according to your activity on the site

Unauthorized use of this site may give rise to compensation for damages and / or be a criminal offense.

DI, use Replacement CONDITIONS

www.mylove4you.club has the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use in its sole discretion. Users are advised to periodically check them to make sure you know the latest version.

Terms of payment!

Despite the possibility of subscribing to our free service, if the user wants to contact other shareholders and make the most of the offer, it is necessary to subscribe and pay the subscription corresponding to the chosen rate. The price list is www.mylove4you.club reserved for payments and billing. www.mylove4you.club has the right to change the subscription fees for subscriptions at any time. If the user does not agree with the changes in the subscription fees, he can suspend the registration by contacting our contacts or click  DELETE. Remember that our site does not renew automatic subscriptions.

The discount on the subscription signed as a member BRONZE discounted monthly payment true.

At the time of payment of the service, you will receive a confirmation email containing your reference data. It is important to save a copy of this document because it may be necessary if you wanted to cancel your contract.

The Member State is intended for personal use only. The user has no right to authorize third party use of your subscription or on behalf of www.mylove4you.club

Conditions of withdrawal from the contract

www.mylove4you.club may suspend the registration at any time, for any reason, effect after sending written communication to you. We reserve the right to immediately suspend or prevent the effective ownership of our service, without notice, at the same time as we become aware of the violation of our terms and conditions.


The subscriber who has purchased a paid service has the right to exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 working days from the date of purchase, without any penalty and without reason.

In any case, if after purchasing the member using the paid service, whether they use the chat or the web service, it is no longer possible to exercise the right to subscribe to a recession.

To file a complaint with the Service, the User must contact www.mylove4you.club in "contact" on the web page of www.mylove4you.club from your profile.

www.mylove4you.club tries to solve any kind of problem with professionalism and efficiency and in a short time.


To use the cam need the same type of subscription.

benefits package:

With the BRONZE subscription you can use the chat / messages with all users who have upgraded !!!

With the GOLD subscription you can use the chat / messages with all the users who have upgraded  the  GOLD  service and users can see a PLATINUM user !!!

With the PLATINUM you can use the chat / message with all users who have upgraded and the CAM service with PLATINUM users, but can not see the GOLD users !!!

If someone wants to buy more packages, the subscription period will be added so that the customer can use the services they have purchased for the entire period of the purchased packages.

Conditions for the cancellation of the contract

www.mylove4you.club may suspend the registration at any time, for any reason, effect after sending written communication to you. We reserve the right to immediately suspend or prevent the effective ownership of our service, without notice, at the same time as we become aware of the violation of our terms and conditions.

canceling the subscription

you can cancel the subscription by sending an email to the site, click on '' CONTACT '

If you want to communicate with other profiles, you can click on the section '' PROFILES ''